Saturday, December 17, 2005

WDB #14

This weekend's dog blogging over at Sweetnicks has a twist - the picture must include food. Sweetnicks is also offering a cookbook prize for the best picture.

This is a repeat photo, but I love it and it does involve food - at least one little piece of food. A green bean. I'm going to use this one because it was not something we tried to pose, it's just what happened when we gave Bailey a green bean. I don't think I'd get anything better or more unique with a posed photo (not that there's usually any posing of Bailey anyway - at least not without great effort)!

So, don't forget to stop by Sweetnicks tomorrow night to see what the creative folks come up with for their precious pooches.


  1. That is too funny and cute. We don't have any puppies at the moment so I'll have to check out all the posts.

  2. bailey and the bean (so very very cute). hey that sounds like a movie in the making!

  3. Bailey and the Bean - now why didn't I think of that great title! :) Perfect!

  4. Bailey looks divine. Such a beautiful Goldie ! And he also is curled like my Gino boy. How have we ever been able to live without such wonderful dogs. Many kisses from gino and mom (angelika, the flying apple)