Sunday, October 23, 2005

Chicago and What's for dinner? 10/23/05

Well, we had a blast in Chicago, but I'm not sure I'll be up for this kind of trip again. I love going to Chicago - it's a great city with so much to offer - but I usually go for the food and the shopping (food shopping and regular shopping). We didn't shop at all. What a shame.

We got to Chicago Friday evening around 5:00 or so and went to my friend's sister's apartment for a few glasses of wine before heading out to dinner. Dinner was the highlight of our visit. We went to a Lebanese restaurant called Maza - I wanted to try something different and I was excited that we all agreed on this place. We ordered their appetizer special and I thought I would be exaggerating when I came here to tell you all that we must have had 15-20 different little plates of food, but according the link above, I am remembering correctly. I tried just about everything and most of it was very good. The lentil soup we had to start was excellent.

After dinner at Maza, we headed out to a string of bars. I can't even tell you where we were or what bars we hit - I was just along for the ride and didn't pay much attention at all. Fortunately she gave us an intinerary beforehand, so I was able to recreate our path of partying. We went first to Star Bar. I really wanted to try some champagne, but the group agreed to order pinot grigio instead. That was fine, but bubbly would have been more fun. We also hit Cherry Red but didn't like the music, so we left. I think there was another bar in there somewhere before we ended up at Hang Ups. It was insanely crowded, but the music was fun (I remember belting out John Denver's Country Roads at some point) and we danced until it closed at 3:00. I had no idea it was so late - good thing or just the thought of being out that late would have turned me into a party-pooper.

I'm almost 40 and way too old for this kind of night out! Next time I'll take a nice lunch and some shopping, please. But it was fun......

I got home around 4:30 yesterday but was too tired to cook, so we headed to our local Mexican restaurant, Las Limas for some yummy food.

Tonight we're having:

Grilled Pork Chops with Cherry Barbecue Sauce

The barbecue sauce is a bottled sauce by Brownwood Farms that we picked up on our trip to Traverse City, MI this summer. One of the wineries we visited had lots of yummy cherry goodies to sample and we really liked this one. According to their website, it placed 5th in a big BBQ competition.


  1. Welcome back! Sounds like you had a great time in Chicago. Dinner tonight sounds great!

  2. Thanks Joe. It was fun to have a night off, but it's nice to be home too.

  3. I am too old for those kinds of nights out, too - I need multiple recovery days LOL. But the zucchini pecan saute sounds great.

  4. Hi Sue. Thanks for stopping by. I'm looking forward to checking out your blog - I didn't eat meat for 7 years, so I did quite a bit of vegetarian (or at least meatless) cooking for a while there.