Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Dog Blog! WDB #2.

My plan is to keep this site mainly about food, but I can't resist joining in Sweetnick's Weekend Dog Blog.

This is our dog Bailey, a very light Golden Retriever. We got him in April 2004 at 4 months old. I researched breeders online and drove 2 1/2 hours to Detroit to look at a litter. We fell in love with him right away! Although we really wanted to get a younger pup, we knew that personality was really most important. Bailey has turned out to be a sweet, mellow dog with lots of personality and very good with the kids.

This is a picture from this summer that cracks me up. It's so hard to get a photo of your dog doing something funny because as soon as you get up to get your camera, of course they follow you to see what's going on! There are so many pictures that I've tried, and failed, to get, but I did get this one.

We don't give Bailey many table scraps, but we wanted to see what he'd do with a string bean.......

P.S....Is anyone having a hard time with the photo upload tool? I have to try several times to get the photo to load - it gets stuck a lot or goes to a blank screen with no "done" button. Twice today it automatically loaded a picture I had already used somewhere else. Argh!


  1. Hah your puppy is so cute with the little bean!

    Happy to see you have started a site! Can't wait to keep reading it!

    Yes, I am also having a problem when trying to use bloggers picture upload tool. I just click back and try again till it works. Blogger has been having quite a few issues lately!

  2. Thanks for joining in the fun. You can check out the round-up at tomorrow night!

  3. I love your Bailey pictures! My little dog Peanut sits like that with whatever treats she gets, though the string bean is one she hasn't tried yet.

  4. Hi Joe, Sweetnicks and jjsooner.

    Bailey played with the string bean for quite a while, but I don't think he ever ate it! I finally took it away before it got mashed into the carpet.

    I think I already have my photo for next weekend! ;-)

  5. omg, he is so freaking cute. smart too, using his hands/paws to hold the bean.