Thursday, August 18, 2005

Strawberry-Lime Sorbet

Strawberry sorbet

Source: Adapted from Cook's Illustrated

3 cups coarsely chopped strawberries
1/2 cup lime juice
1/2 cup sugar (or up to 1 cup, depending on berries and personal preference)
1/2 teaspoon lime zest
1 tablespoon vodka (to keep sorbet the sorbet from freezing too hard)

Note: The original recipe calls for straining the seeds after pureeing, but seeds don't bother me with the strawberries, so I don't bother.

Combine strawberries, lime juice, lime zest, sugar and vodka in an electric mixer and puree until smooth and sugar is dissolved.

Refrigerate mixture overnight for best results, or until mixture is no more than 40 degrees.

Pour mixture into the bowl of an ice cream machine and follow the directions for your particular machine. With a Cuisinart ice cream maker, it took about 20 minutes for the mixture to freeze.

Scoop sorbet into a container and freeze for at several hours to allow mixture to become firm.

I talked about this recipe HERE.


  1. Anonymous6:41 PM

    I made this a couple days ago, and it was a unique and refreshing dessert. My husband raved. Love your blog!

  2. Anonymous - Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the sorbet.

  3. I waited too late to make this sorbet - I didn't have time to freeze it for several hours before serving. But I found it was perfect for serving straight from the ice cream maker, and what wasn't eaten froze up nicely. Great recipe, not too sweet and not too tangy. Just right.