Friday, April 06, 2007

Quick, Easy and Vegetarian

This recipe from Cooking Light was originally scheduled as last Friday's Lenten meal, but we ended up going out for pizza instead, so it go pushed to this week.

There are no suprises with this dish - it pretty much tastes exactly how you would expect. What I liked about was that it was served over polenta instead of rice for something a little out of the ordinary and that it looked very easy to throw together. What really made this dish for me was the addition the dollop of sour cream and the chunks of avocado - the dish would not have been the same without them.

This stew was definitely in need of some kick, so I added a bit of chipotle powder for a little smokey heat - I would definitely do something similar if we were to make this again - it would have been a bit bland without it. The only other thing I changed was to use light sour cream in place of fat free. This dish is low enough in fat that I think using light would still keep it within the 30% of calories from fat guidelines.

I would consider making something like this again - it was very easy and very open to interpretation. It would be nice to try it with a homemade polenta that had been jazzed up a bit (our store did not carry Mexican-style polenta), but then again, that would take away from the ease of preparation which is definitely part of the allure of this dish.